Friday, September 14, 2007

My Report Card

Hello from the blogoshphere!!

I got groomed again this week. My mommy and daddy tell me I look really cute. I thought I overheard my daddy whispering to my mommy (they thought I couldn't hear but they don't realize how good my ears are, especially after the groomer cleaned them) that she took off too much fur. But I feel good. It feels about right to me.

But let's get down to the main point, here. Of all the audacity, my groomer gives me a report card, like she's judging me or something. And lookie here, she only gave me a 'B'. What an indignation, in puppy school, I got straight 'A's. From her comment, I'm led to believe she graded me down for my behavior in the bath. Well EXCUSE MEEEEE!! First she had the water too hot, so I yelped and struggled to get out. Then she had the water too cold, so I tried to get out. She finally got it right, but got soap in my eyes. So I again struggled to get out so I could rub it out. After that, I behaved like a perfect cockapoo, and her comments bear that out. When we're all done, she pats me on the tush, but doesn't give me any treat, nor squeaky toy, no nothing.

As I understand it, (and I understand plenty, let me tell you), it's my mommy and daddy who pay HER. She's the one who should be getting the grade. So here goes:

  • My Doggie Says: My hands were cold and I got soap in his eyes
  • Doggie Remaks: She was cute (no doubt), but she didn't give me a toy
  • My groomer's report card: 'D' I'll try harder next time (but my doggie loves me anyway)