Friday, November 19, 2010


My daddy forwarded me this link, who got it from my brother. I was simply horrified what they did to Target (on the right), who is such a good dog and a hero.

Afgan Hero Dog Is Euthanized by Mistake in U.S.

Here's the key passage.

Target . . .escaped from her yard. She was captured last week and euthanized by mistake [emphasis added - ed.]

This is like a scene right out of the human "Schindler's List" movie. Maybe even you humans are starting to grasp why Canine Rights are so urgent. If 'euthanizing' wasn't an accepted practice on us dogs, maybe we could call it what it really is: MURDER. Instead this is posted in the newspapers like some kind of 'human' interest story. Would you humans react differently to a headline that read:

"Baby Euthanized by Mistake?"