Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My mommy and daddy took me to our nation's capitol for some sniffing and peeing. It was a fun trip. I got to pee on some real famous spots. We started at the Vietnam Memorial. I peed on a couple of the posts, but my daddy wouldn't let me 'go' on the wall, not sure why. Then chased some ducks at the Declaration of Independence exhibit before going to the WW II Memorial. There were a lot of people there, so it was hard to find a quiet spot, but I managed to get one of the pillars. I then got to go to the Washington Monument (pictured at the left). We walked the entire perimeter, my daddy tried to get me to 'go' on it but I was saving it up for . . . the National Christmas tree. It's a big, big tree, a dog could really lose himself in there. But to my bitter disappointment, it is all fenced in - I got so close, but yet so far. We walked around there for a bit; I tried to lift my leg on the cute little manger scene, but daddy whisked me away before I got a chance. We ended the day at the Einstein exhibit, but I had nothing left for Albert.

All in all, a great day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heartwarming but . . .

Here's a story sure to warm even the hardest of hearts. We all need these uplifting stories in this the age of global warming, imperialistic wars over oil, and increasing corporate greed.

Yes, Armani the monkey is being returned to his loving owner. Armani, you may recall, was ripped from his owners arms by the authorities. Now the courts have ruled that Armani can return to her and play in his own private playground again. The story is heartwarming in one sense, but cautionary in another. In this, the age of Bush and Cheney, when the authorities can literally kick down your door and steal a cute little monkey, what's next, Cockapoos?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whatever Became of . . .

Where are they now, Michael Vick's dogs? Well, 47 of these poor fellas are still looking for a loving home. Please help.

Friday, December 14, 2007

23 months: Was Justice Really Served?

I've been silent on this subject up until now. It took a while to get over the shock. Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months!!

Can you imagine that - 23 months. For MULTIPLE HOMICIDE? Why not throw in T-Bone steaks, smothered with beef gravy every day? And ice cream sundaes? If we, as a society, have become that unconcerned about man's best friend, well, I'm afraid we've 'gone to the dogs' (so to speak).

OK, I've said my piece.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cherokee Responds

My mom e-mailed me. Maybe it clears it up. I included her e-mail, unedited. You can decide for yourselves.

"Dearest Tommy,

You shouldn't believe anything that Gizmo says. He's the kind of dog, how should I say this . . . well, after you wrestle him, you better count the studs on your collar. This dog, Gizmo, he's always got an angle. He plays cards with the Dobermans all the time, for BIG steaks (sic). It's been alleged that it's not beneath him to pull a card or two out from under his fur, which he conveniently keeps longer than average. He's a gutsy poodle, I'll give him that; if the Dobermans ever catch him in the act, I'm afraid it's goodbye Gizmo.

Well, Tommy, he's been pulling this dramatic "I'm you're pa" stunt with nearly all the newly adopted Autumn View Farm puppies. Once he learned about Trouble's $12,000,000 trust fund (you know, Leona Helmsley's Maltese dog named Trouble), he's been trying to find an angle to get himself in on the action. He's been trying to ingratiate himself with a well-to-do family, get off the farm and adopted, and maybe cash in on his own big trust fund.

So Tommy, my adorable little puppy, Gizmo is not your dad. He's just not my type. As I've told you before, Cody is your dad.

Mom Cherokee"

OK, yea, I did read about Trouble. Here is a link where you can read about it yourself. Some lucky dog, huh? But you know what they say, money can't buy happiness. I wonder if Trouble has anyone to wrestle or play ghost dog or ruff bowling with?

Friday, November 23, 2007


I received a very surprising e-mail from Gizmo, one of the miniture poodles of Autumn View Farm. I copied the contents below.

"I been reading the blog you done set up. You got it all wrong, I'm your pa, not that Cody bloke. Your ma and me, well we was quite a pair. Cody's good for nothin, don't believe nothin he says. Maybe I come visit you in virginia some day, then we can catch up like father and son should. We can wrestle a bit and I teach you some good moves. Your real dad, Gizmo."

Gosh, I don't know what to make of this. I'm very confused right now, I don't even look like Gizmo. I just want to clear this up.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Seeds of Abu Ghraib?

Don't get me wrong, folks. I like it here in McLean, I love my family. But was this humiliation necessary?

Friday, November 9, 2007

So who do I like?

Many of you have been asking - "so Tommy, who do you like for human president?" I didn't want to respond too hastily, this is, after all, my first presidential campaign. I've given the matter a lot of thought and done quite a bit of research (what else do I have to do with my time during the day?).

At this stage . . . drum roll please . . . I'm prepared to throw my substantial weight behind Hillary Clinton.

I found this web site that clearly lists where each candidate stands on the major issue of the day. Hillary has what it takes, a nice, friendly looking dog, one that wouldn't bully me in the dog park. He looks like the kind of dog you can sit down with and enjoy a bowl of Alpo. And from this picture it's obvious Hillary has made a very happy, stable home life for her family and dog.

As for those other candidates, Richardson's got two cats (nuff said); Huckabee's hunting dog sounds scary; Chris Dodd - wait a minute, who is he, again?; McCain just can't make up his mind; Romney with his horses - who cares? But the worst one, that Obama, he's got no pets and he's already making promises he has no intention of keeping.

Here's that web site I was telling you about and I copied the important stuff below the link, so you can read for yourself.

Hillary Clinton owns a chocolate lab named Seamus.
Bill Richardson has two tabby cats, Jackie and Squeaky.
Chris Dodd and Barack Obama have no pets, though Obama has promised his kids a dog.

Mike Huckabee has a hunting dog, Jet, and a shih tzu, Sonic.
Mitt Romney's wife owns horses.
Sam Brownback has his two cats, a Lab/blue heeler mix named Twinkle, a miniature Dachshund, Emma and a fish named Marvin Three.
John McCain owns three turtles, three parakeets, a ferret, two dogs, a cat and 13 salt water fish.

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Cockapoo's Tale

Scary, but true story.

"Rags, a 17-pound cockapoo, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, who belongs to Donna and Martin Seim, went missing the morning of Oct. 24 after the 2-year-old pup ran out of his Middle Road home to chase deer. . .

"At long last, Sunday morning a man was walking his dog near the landfill when a small, scared-looking dog ran out of the woods and whimpered. The man knew it was Rags right away, the Seims said, and called them to let them know his whereabouts."

I think I've learned my lesson. I'm not running off after any more squirrels unless I'm safely on my leash. Just glad to hear Rags is OK (kind of a dopey name, though, 'Rags.' Not a cool name like 'Tommy.'

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My new brothers and sisters

Cherokee, my mom, e-mailed me pictures of the new puppies, my new half brothers and sisters. Mom and dad, that is Cherokee and Milktoast, down there on Autumm View Farm, are very proud.

I asked my human daddy and he said we can have one. We are going to Mt. Airy this weekend and pick one out. He said I get to choose. I'm kinda undecided. Which one do you think I should take?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thank you

I see that my appeal worked for this other Tommy the Cockapoo.

I just noticed on the web site that 'Adoption Pending' for this little guy.

Now he can get his cararact operation. If you are the one who was summoned to act on my appeal, give us all a shout in the 'Comments'. We'd all like to hear from you and give you our hearty 'thanks'

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another 'Tommy the Cockapoo'

[This is just gonna break your heart]

I was browsing the internet and look what I found - a furry little cockapoo, and he's named Tommy, just like me! But that's where the similarity stops. This Tommy hasn't had the good life, like I have. He's had a mean mom all these years and now he's looking for a real home and a new owner who can pay for his cataract operation.

Here's the web link. You'll see little Tommy towards the bottom. Just click on his page to read his heart rending bio.

So if you're a human out there, and you've read my blog and you're convinced that a small furry cockapoo is the way to go (yes, he also has floppy ears and a short stubby tail, just like me, and his teeth don't look so straight, neither), and you got one thousand bucks to pay for that cataract operation, you should consider adopting this little guy. Just follow the web link which will tell you how.

Thank you for opening your heart.

Tommy (the caramel cockapoo)

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Poor Daddy

Poor Cody. He really got beat up bad by Milktoast. I've learned my lesson. Fighting's not the answer (though I do enjoy friendly wrestling once in a while).

Daddy, hope you get better soon. Everyone out there, please send your 'get well' wishes to him at

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Groomed Again - Clean Glands!

My groomer came again yesterday and trimmed my fur. I feel good and everyone says I look cute. But what's the deal - she gave me a 'B' again. I overheard her telling my daddy that she marked me down because I was scared of the reverse vacuum cleaner she used on me. Duhhh - maybe she shoulda marked herself down for using such a brutal instrument on a small, furry cockapoo.

I'm very proud to report that my anal glands were in good shape. Not every dog can say that, now can they?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Fetch' - It's Not My Thing

See the picture. I know my Daddy would like for me to do this - fetch, that is. But, hey, it's just not my thing. Some dogs are big, some small. Some dogs are furry, some not. Some wear stupid pink collars, some not. We dogs are not all cut from the same mold - what a boring world that would be. I happen to prefer not to fetch. I like being chased, that's my thing. What's my point? Well I've come under a lot criticism, from my human mommy and daddy, from Cody, etc. And I just wish everyone would cut me some slack and let me be the cockapoo I am.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sodomy on a Saturday Morning

Yesterday seemed an ordinary Saturday morning. We slept in late, I got a nice walk around the neighborhood. Then my daddy got me all excited, yelling 'bye-bye, bye-bye'. Cool, I thought, let's do it.

Off we went and I thought we would go on a nice hike or something. But no, we arrive at my doctor's office. There were a lot of nice dogs around and I enjoyed sniffing them. Then, it's my turn to go into 'the Room.' The next thing you know, this lady pulls out 'the Stick' - you know the one I'm talking about. She starts to chase me around the room, and I said 'NO', well, at least as best as a dog can. I put my tail firmly between my legs and crawled under the chair my mom was sitting in. In dog language, that clearly means 'I don't wanna.' But then the lady comes at me with an evil grin, yanks me out from under the chair, and proceeds to sodomize me. Why doesn't she understand that 'NO' means 'NO'?

Well, this sort of thing goes on all the time to us dogs, as the world stands by and does nothing. How come in the human world, it's a major crime, a front page story, and it happens to us cockapoos and everyone thinks it's ha-ha, funny? Like that poor human in New York City a few years ago - you know, Abner Louima


He's the guy who was brutalized by the NYC cops. That's a big deal, a major scandal for then mayor Rudy Guiliani (who incidentally is currently running for human president). Well, this Abner fellow ends up receiving $10 million in a lawsuit. What do I get? KIBBLES. It's time to take a stand everyone. This shouldn't be happening to dogs, not in the 21st century.

Friday, October 12, 2007

My Pee Post

Ahhhhhhhhh. Just the sight of it gives me relief. Here I am posing with my favorite 'pee-post' down the street, around the corner. The sniff of it gives me this overwhelming urge to urinate. But I gotta go fast, because sometimes this mean man with the two dopey looking poodles comes out and yells at me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mystery Object

Hey everybody - it's me, Tommy.
You know, I love my backyard. It's a great place to sniff, run, lift my leg, and play with my toys, all in a wooded setting, the kind of setting that helps bring out my inner dog. You know what they say . . . "you can take the dog out of the woods, but you can't take the woods out of the dog."
So after all this time, I know every inch of my backyard, every toy, every tree (yep, I've gotten them all), etc. But this yellow thing here, the one pictured, it's got me baffled. It looks like something left by a space alien. Once in a while, my daddy takes me on the leash back there and just stands there until I lift my leg. I don't know why he does it. I sniff it, it smells awful. Then, I stand around for a few moments, then what the hey, I'm not going to stand here like a dope forever, so I water the tree next to it. It's then I'm led away, my daddy muttering something, and finally taken off the leash to run and play.
Anyone out there in the blogosphere got a clue? What is it?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Made It

D-Day has come and gone, folks. I'm still here in McLean, here for another year. I'm one happy pup and the whole experience has given me a new perspective. Yep, I'm gonna be extra good, no more struggling in the bath, no more struggling when my daddy puts that goop in my ear, and maybe I'll even fetch the ball once in a while.
And you, dear reader, will have another year of Tommy's BLOG - that is, computer access here, but no way down there on Autumn View Farm.

Monday, October 8, 2007

D-Day - Again

It's Dog-Day (D-Day for short). It's really here. It's wonderful to think I've been here for a whole year. But I've been so scared all day - today's the day misbehaving cockapoos can be returned to their original owners. I was in my crate this morning, minding my own business, when the door went 'beep - beep'. That nice girl from next door came by, but I was scared that maybe she came to take me away. But she just walked me and played with me and that was fun. Only a few more hours to go till the end of D-Day. I'll be happy when this day is over!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Uh-Oh. That day is coming up, October 8, my one year anniversary in this wonderful home in McLean. I overheard my daddy talking about D-Day (for 'Dog Day') coming up, and how every year on D-Day, owners are permitted to return misbehaving cockapoos to their original owners. Well, I've been real good, except for a few times, and I've tried real hard. Mommy, Daddy, if you are reading this, I really like it here and I will try to be better if you let me stay - OK?
By the way, I looked up 'D-Day' on the world wide web and found this ominous picture. It captures the spirit of what may be in store for me if I have to go back to Autumn View Farm (though I do miss my mom, Cherokee).

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Report Card

Hello from the blogoshphere!!

I got groomed again this week. My mommy and daddy tell me I look really cute. I thought I overheard my daddy whispering to my mommy (they thought I couldn't hear but they don't realize how good my ears are, especially after the groomer cleaned them) that she took off too much fur. But I feel good. It feels about right to me.

But let's get down to the main point, here. Of all the audacity, my groomer gives me a report card, like she's judging me or something. And lookie here, she only gave me a 'B'. What an indignation, in puppy school, I got straight 'A's. From her comment, I'm led to believe she graded me down for my behavior in the bath. Well EXCUSE MEEEEE!! First she had the water too hot, so I yelped and struggled to get out. Then she had the water too cold, so I tried to get out. She finally got it right, but got soap in my eyes. So I again struggled to get out so I could rub it out. After that, I behaved like a perfect cockapoo, and her comments bear that out. When we're all done, she pats me on the tush, but doesn't give me any treat, nor squeaky toy, no nothing.

As I understand it, (and I understand plenty, let me tell you), it's my mommy and daddy who pay HER. She's the one who should be getting the grade. So here goes:

  • My Doggie Says: My hands were cold and I got soap in his eyes
  • Doggie Remaks: She was cute (no doubt), but she didn't give me a toy
  • My groomer's report card: 'D' I'll try harder next time (but my doggie loves me anyway)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Doggie Orthodontics - Please Vote on the Right

I'm going to share a little bit of myself here, I don't think I ever shared this with anyone before. I don't think it was any secret that when my human mommy and daddy first brought me home, I was a bit down in the dumps. I missed my mom, Cherokee, very much. And maybe even my dad, Cody, just a little bit, even though he never acknowledged me as his son. But I became truly depressed the next day when I made my first trip to the doctor. She is a very nice lady, even though she puts that small stick up my behind every time I see her. But the first thing she told my mommy and daddy is that I have an UNDERBITE and can't be a show dog. You gotta understand, when I was just a little pup, Cherokee would rock me to sleep and tell me stories of how I would be a great champion cockapoo some day. And along comes this doctor and reality slaps me hard in the face.

I want so bad to live up to her dreams for me. I posted a recent picture of me. So what do you think - do I really have an underbite?

So I started searching the internet for solutions. And check this out, it's not impossible. Doggies like me can get braces:

The article says most vets won't do it unless the dog is in pain. No problem, I'll just pretend, get it? So what do you think? Should I get the braces or not?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kibbles? No Way!!

My mommy and daddy are no doubt complaining that I am not eating my kibbles. Well, it's not that I don't like my dog food. I'm just too scared, what with all these kibble poisoning scares.
Here, read the latest, from Mars dog food, makers of good old American M & Ms, no less:
Mars Petcare US Inc., a division of food company Mars Inc., perhaps best-known for its candy bars, is recalling 5-pound bags of Krasdale Gravy dry dog food with a best-by date of July 16 and 17, 2008, that were sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. . . Symptoms in pets with Salmonella infections can include lethargy, diarrhea, fever and vomiting.
No thank you. The kibbles must be the reason I barfed in the car on our recent trip. I'll stick with McDonalds hamburgers, turkey, and swiss.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm getting a new brother!!!
As you can tell from the linked story, time is running out for Michael Vicks dogs:
The federal government is preparing to dispose of most of the dogs seized from Michael Vick's Surry County property during its investigation into a dogfighting operation. . .
If no one steps forward to claim ownership, the case will move to a federal judge who has two options: sell the dogs or dispose of them "by other humane means."
Other humane means usually results in killing the dogs, animal rights experts say.
Please, see if you can find it in your hearts to take in one or two of these cute, cuddly doggies. My mommy and daddy are going to take one . . . yup, that's right, I'm going to have another BIG BROTHER, this one of the pit bull variety.
One question, though. The news story doesn't mention what's to become of Michael Vick's fighting cockapoos. What's to become of them?

Hello from the Road

It's vacation season. Being a modern, active cockapoo, I need a break just like everyone else. I'm away right now, but will try to update the blog when I can. I am staying with my Grandma and Grandpa in Cape Coral. They are so old . . . get this . . . they still have dial-up internet!!! So it's painful to browse the internet for interesting news from the human and canine worlds, log in, and keep you, my faithful readers, up to date. But I'll do my best.

My mommy and daddy put me in the car for what I thought would be a simple trip to my favorite store, Petsmart. But we just kept driving . . . and driving . . . and driving. My stomach got a little queasy at one point, and I barfed a little. No problem, it was just a lousy kibble breakfast I heaved. Along the way, I got to stop and sniff at several interesting places. Then we came to a place for the night. There were a lot of strange and scary people, so I did a lot of barking to scare them off and protect my mommy and daddy. Don't worry, they're fine. We went to a cool restaurent, but they wouldn't let me eat there, so we ate beside the pool. More strange people, but I kept everything cool.

The the next day, we got back in the car and what did we do? Drive . . . and drive . . . and drive. We stopped for a good lunch at my favorite restaurant, the one with those funny yellow arches, then did some more driving. Then we finally arrived at grandma's. I hadn't met her before, so when she opened the door, I barked at her. Then I realized it is my grandparents, so I settled in and they have been nice to me, nicer than everyone else in my family. They kept throwing me in the pool. "Wouldn't it be funny to see if Tommy can swim." Well, ha, ha, ha. Yes, I can swim, I'm a dog, for God's sake. But I don't like it in that pool, and daddy, if you're reading this, don't throw me back in or else I won't let you scratch me behind my ears anymore.

Well, gotto go. My big brother wants the computer (so what else is new?).

Monday, August 13, 2007

'Will Be Dealt With?'

I'm back!!! I'll try to post as often as I can, but may have trouble getting on-line. My big brother and big sister are home all day this week and hogging both computers. I do like them being home, but wish they would share the computers more with me.
Had a great time at Happy Tails for the last two weeks. Maybe I'll post more on that later. But unfortunately, I came home with a cough. I think Bubba the Terrier was spreading all the diseases.
Now, on a more serious topic, my owners bided their time in Israel whilst I vacationed. I glanced through some of the pictures they brought home. They are quite interesting, but I was horrified by this one. OK, I get it, maybe there are some places we dogs shouldn't go. But what exactly does that mean - 'will be dealt with?' As I understand it, this photo was taken in Israel, at a park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, north of Tel Aviv. Does that kind of language sound familiar? Just substitute the word 'Jew' for the word 'dog' and I think you'll catch my drift. As I don't think I'll be visiting Israel any time soon.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Gone Fishin

I'll be on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Don't know if I'll have access to a computer, but if I do, I'll post some updates. In the meantime, what do you think of Abby? Can you believe she was voted 'Dog of the Week.' With that kind of competition, no doubt, I'll be coming home with the trophy.

Peace out,

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The 'M' Word

I think it's time to eliminate the 'M' word (you know, MU*T) from our vocabulary. It's hurtful and it's derogatory. We dogs with parents of different breeds prefer the term 'DIVERSE BREED'. There is nothing more painful for me than to go to the dog park and hear the other dogs refer to me with that M word (like they're so high and mighty). So please, the next time you see a dog like me, for instance with a poodle for a daddy and a cocker spaniel for a mommy, be careful how you refer him or her. We dogs may not always show it, but we are sensitive.

Thank you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Dunnit?

Check out the great card from me to my Daddy. It came in the mail yesterday. He opened it, was very happy, he hugged me, and told me I was a good dog for thinking of him. Only trouble is . . . I didn't send it. How could I? It was postmarked from suburban Maryland, where I haven't been since I left Autumn View Farm in Mt. Airy where I spent my early months.
So the question is, who dunnit? I'm not mad or anything, it was a nice card and daddy scratched me extra behind my ears. But I'd just like to know. So if it was you, you can leave me a comment or give me a shout-out at

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Namesake?

I was told I was named after a 'Tommy Lasorda', and this is a picture of the only person I could find on the internet by that name. It looks like some fat guy in pajamas. It's got to be a mistake. Anyone got a clue?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Check out my new 'do'

Hey, check it out. I was just groomed - a bath, trim, the works. It was kinda strange. I'm used to being dragged to some place and shoved in a small crate to be groomed. But this time, a big van driven by a nice lady, came to my house. I went inside and she bathed me (I didn't like that part) and then clipped me - all right in my front yard. And then she gave me a new squeaky toy, patted my on the head, and said I was a good boy. It was fun.
So what do you think, how do I look?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Mom

I just received an e-mail from my mother, Cherokee. She sent a picture of herself and I'm so thrilled that I had to post it right away. Isn't she pretty? I'm going to print this off, frame it, and hang it in my crate.

Michael Vick and Dog Fighting

I was browsing the internet today, and came across this disturbing story:

Let me first say that I'm not completely against dog fighting, per se. While I'm not a fighter, myself, I'm not one to tell another dog he can't earn a living. But this seems just seems like wanton exploitation of my brethren and I don't think these dogs wanted to fight, but were made to. This Michael Vick is a bad person:

"Vick himself participated in the killings of eight dogs in April, according
to the indictment. The animals were killed "by various methods, including
hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground," the
indictment said."

Look at the picture. I think I see some cockapoos in the cage. That's just not right. We cockapoos aren't fighters; we're much better at being house dogs, sleeping, being chased, eating, and maybe a little light wrestling for fun.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Diploma

Hello. Beautiful day in McLean. We slept in late. I tried to sneak onto the bed a few times, but it didn't work. But I slept comfortably.

I wanted to present my bonifides to the blogging world - my puppy school diploma.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Canine Rights - Underdog

I'll open with a very controversial subject - canine rights. My Daddy showed me the trailer to a new blockbuster movie, Underdog. I really want to see the movie, but Daddy told me that dogs are not allowed in movie theaters and I will have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD before I can see it. Do you realize that even the dog who plays underdog will not be allowed to see his own movie in the theater? This is only the latest in a long list of canine rights abuses. So what do you think? Should dogs be allowed to see movies in the theaters with people? Let me know what you think.