Monday, October 29, 2007

Another 'Tommy the Cockapoo'

[This is just gonna break your heart]

I was browsing the internet and look what I found - a furry little cockapoo, and he's named Tommy, just like me! But that's where the similarity stops. This Tommy hasn't had the good life, like I have. He's had a mean mom all these years and now he's looking for a real home and a new owner who can pay for his cataract operation.

Here's the web link. You'll see little Tommy towards the bottom. Just click on his page to read his heart rending bio.

So if you're a human out there, and you've read my blog and you're convinced that a small furry cockapoo is the way to go (yes, he also has floppy ears and a short stubby tail, just like me, and his teeth don't look so straight, neither), and you got one thousand bucks to pay for that cataract operation, you should consider adopting this little guy. Just follow the web link which will tell you how.

Thank you for opening your heart.

Tommy (the caramel cockapoo)

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