Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Groomed Again - Clean Glands!

My groomer came again yesterday and trimmed my fur. I feel good and everyone says I look cute. But what's the deal - she gave me a 'B' again. I overheard her telling my daddy that she marked me down because I was scared of the reverse vacuum cleaner she used on me. Duhhh - maybe she shoulda marked herself down for using such a brutal instrument on a small, furry cockapoo.

I'm very proud to report that my anal glands were in good shape. Not every dog can say that, now can they?


(your mom) Cherokee said...


I'm so pleased to hear about your healthy anal glands. Unfortunately, down here on Autumn View Farms, I never get them expressed. Mine feel like they are ready to burst.

On a much more pleasant note, I JUST HAD A NEW LITTER OF PUPPIES. I will e-mail you pictures. Your new half brothers and sisters are all healthy and very cute. I'm just going to enjoy them for a while, until the inevitable parade of humans marches past, looks them over, and takes them away, one by one. Then, who knows, maybe Cody and I will get together for another fling.

(your alleged dad) Cody to Cherokee said...

Keep dreamin, bitch.

Milktoast the poodle said...

Cody . . I've had about all I can take from you. You have been rude, abusive, and insulting to the dog I love. We all know you can 'talk the talk'. Well, if you can 'walk the walk', you'll meet me behind the goat stable tonight at 5:00 and we can settle this once and for all.

you human sister Becky said...

Cody, when you referred to Cherokee as a 'bitch' were you calling her a mean woman or a female dog?

Cody said...

Becky - why, female dog, of course. Is there another meaning for the word in the human world?

(your mom) Cherokee said...


I thought you needed to know this . . . your father was in a terrible fight last night behind the goat stable. Those boy dogs are just so silly, of all things, fighting over me. Apparently everyone in the whole of Autumn View Farm got wind of the fight. There was a big crowd of Dobermans, hooting it up, chugging beef gravy, and gambling on the outcome (apparently, all the smart money was on Milktoast, I think the Dobermans know Cody).

Heavens knows, through all that bluster, Cody's not a fighter. But after being publicly challenged,it seems like he just couldn't back down. Well, Milktoast was so outraged, he practically tore Cody's head off. The Burdette girl heard the rukus and tried to break it up, but the Dobermans chased her off, and so the brutal fight just went on and on.

Tommy, I don't want to alarm you, it's not a pretty sight, but I will e-mail you a photo taken of Cody right after the fight, just so you know how he's suffering. You should contact him, let him know you are thinking of him. He really is a sweet poodle under that gruff exterior.