Saturday, October 6, 2007


Uh-Oh. That day is coming up, October 8, my one year anniversary in this wonderful home in McLean. I overheard my daddy talking about D-Day (for 'Dog Day') coming up, and how every year on D-Day, owners are permitted to return misbehaving cockapoos to their original owners. Well, I've been real good, except for a few times, and I've tried real hard. Mommy, Daddy, if you are reading this, I really like it here and I will try to be better if you let me stay - OK?
By the way, I looked up 'D-Day' on the world wide web and found this ominous picture. It captures the spirit of what may be in store for me if I have to go back to Autumn View Farm (though I do miss my mom, Cherokee).


Your big brother said...

Tommy, don't you miss your father Cody as well?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy, Here's some more d-day stuff. Pearl.