Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monty the Yale Law Dog

Here's Monty, whose doing everything he can to help kids get smart.

Monty the Yale Law Dog

This is a real good experiment and it should work. See, Yale students who are having trouble with your school work, you can go to the library and check out Monty who will give them all the answers. Makes more sense than checking out a book.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? All these government programs on how to get kids to do well in schools when the answer is as obvious as the wag of my tail. You could eliminate all the rest of the federal government spending on education and just give each student his own dog, preferably one with floppy ears, who are known to be smarter.

These are the kind of policy proposals I'll be listening for in the upcoming 2012 presidential election.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wishing for the Best in Japan

Truly tragic what happened in Japan. So many people and dog houses damaged, destroyed, or just washed away. No one is wishing for a swift recovery more than this little cockapoo. But I saw this photo on the web and felt I had to comment. The environment and air is bad, no doubt. And the people need to have on the masks. But what about the poor animals; they need the mask too, maybe even more because our lives are very short as it is. Don't forget about us!