Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poodles Rated #2

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Check out the latest results from PetMD's list of the 10 smartest canine breeds in the world.


We poodles came in #2 just behind the #1 Border Collie, at least according to this ranking. The Border Collie is a good dog, no question about it. But I wonder if the good folks at PetMD are truly disinterested. Or might it be that one or more of the PetMD folks have Border Collies of their own? Hmm. It's worth investigating. But in the meantime, we poodles will just try a little harder.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bracket Update

Very exciting weekend in the NCAA tournament. Here is my big brother's bracket. It got busted a little bit. But he did well while it lasted. Unfortunately, all his teams are out now, but he made some noise while it lasted and he finished with a respectable 19 points. Better luck next year, Big Brother.

By comparison, here's my bracket. You can tell it's mine because I signed it. Daddy helped me make my mark on the page. But my paw got a little dirty and big sister snitched on daddy and me to mommy who got mad at us. As chance would have it, I'm doing a little better than my big brother. I have 48 points through the first two rounds and all my teams are left except for Wake Forest. I was impressed by their speed and depth, but unfortunately they were plagued by a couple of injuries I neglected to factor into my calculations. Anyway, I'm in good shape and have North Carolina winning it all. Incidentally, I got a call from President Obama last Tuesday as he was working through his brackets, and I had two words of advice for him: "Go Heels". Apparently he took it to heart and he too went with North Carolina.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



My big brother is off at his farm and said he wouldn't be able to complete his NCAA bracket this year. So he let me do it for him. That's a lot of pressure because he has always done well. I made all the picks (my daddy wrote them in) and posted it here, on my blog. I figured it was the best way to get it to him, and now he can follow along during the whole tournament and see how he's doing.

He has Maryland going all the way. I watched them a lot on TV and they won some big games down the stretch. I've watched the coach and he seems like he gets uncontrollably mad when they don't do well. So I figure the players will do good or else their coach may go berserk and someone might wind up dead. No one would want that.

And I picked some upsets, too, cause I heard there are a lot of them in the tournament. Like Morgan State to beat Oklahoma. OK, it was a sentemental pick because, you see, the school is close to my farm, Autumn View a few miles away in Mt. Airy. All the dogs on the farm, like Cody and Cherokee and Milk Toast and Gizmo, will be pulling for Morgan State, and so will I and now also my big brother.

And I picked Binghamton to do good too. My big brother visited there a while ago and he told me all about it. He said it was a dreary place and so I figure there isn't too much to do there if you're a basketball player but practice. So they'll be ready for Duke, I'm sure.

So good luck to my big brother.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Joyful Reunion

Yup, my big brother came home for a nice visit. It had been so long since he stalked me around the house, picked me up all the time and kidnapped me in the middle of the night. I almost forgot what it was like. And he took me for a long hike in the snow. It was fun, but when I got back, I had snowballs caked to my fur and daddy threw me in my crate to melt. It was lonely in there, but I understood. I thought my big brother was going to stay, but he said no, he had to go back to his farm. So we both laughed a little and cried a little and he pet me and said I was a good boy and gave me some treats. I looked up his farm on the internet. You see, it's in Arad and I found this picture. Doesn't look like there are any goats or cockapoos or dobermans. And the farm house doesn't look too cozy; it's all broken down and no roof. Not even any beds or couches to go under for a nap. What kind of farm is this?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House of Horrors for Sale

Check it out - Michael Vick's house is for sale. And what? No one wanted it? Well duhhh.

It's too freaky just thinking about it. Can you imagine what might have gone down in the inner bowels of that place.

I know some of you humans don't get my obsession with Vick. OK, let's put it this way. Remember Charles Manson? All you humans used to be obsessed with him. Real evil guy, or whatever. I'm sure he was (but I think he was good to his dogs). Well, what if Charles Manson's old house was for sale? Would you run off and buy it? . . . I didn't think so.