Monday, March 23, 2009

Bracket Update

Very exciting weekend in the NCAA tournament. Here is my big brother's bracket. It got busted a little bit. But he did well while it lasted. Unfortunately, all his teams are out now, but he made some noise while it lasted and he finished with a respectable 19 points. Better luck next year, Big Brother.

By comparison, here's my bracket. You can tell it's mine because I signed it. Daddy helped me make my mark on the page. But my paw got a little dirty and big sister snitched on daddy and me to mommy who got mad at us. As chance would have it, I'm doing a little better than my big brother. I have 48 points through the first two rounds and all my teams are left except for Wake Forest. I was impressed by their speed and depth, but unfortunately they were plagued by a couple of injuries I neglected to factor into my calculations. Anyway, I'm in good shape and have North Carolina winning it all. Incidentally, I got a call from President Obama last Tuesday as he was working through his brackets, and I had two words of advice for him: "Go Heels". Apparently he took it to heart and he too went with North Carolina.


Coach K said...

Eh tu, Tommy? Why don't you stick to sniffing and scratching, and leave the basketball prognostication to us experts.

Tommy said...

Coach K:

I know you think you are very smart. I've read that you have been a winning basketball coach. But that doesn't give you the right to denigrade dogs everywhere, as if we are only good for sniffing and scratching. There have been a lot of smart and important dogs through history and you could use sensitivity training.

I stand by what I said; in my humble cockapoo opinion North Carolina will beat you, that is, if you are fortunate enough to advance far enough to play them.

And it is 'Et tu', not 'Eh tu'.

Stanislaw said...

Hee hee! I did my bracket according to which mascot I'd most like to feast on. I had NC winning! But it busted early on. At least it was tasty.