Monday, September 29, 2008

One Paw Ahead of the Law

Now this is a rare picture - that's me in silhouette - from Tommy Jefferson's building. No cockapoos supposed to be in there. But we pretended we didn't know and my daddy and I snuck up fast, I posed, and had my picture took, before the cockapoo police knew what was happening and chased us away. In the background, you can see that big tower in honor of George Washington, our first president and father of our country. I pee'd on it last year.

See that guy with his hand held up. He was the snitch that alerted to police that I was up there. I coulda sniffed around for a while up there if not for him.

If you look real carefully, you can even see the place where the President's dogs live. But you gotta click on the picture and make it big. Fala used to run around there, and Barney does now. That's a big yard to sniff and pee in.

Friday, September 26, 2008

In the Temple of Greatness

Here I am with a real famous dog, FDR's dog Fala. Don't worry, he's not going to eat me, it's just a statue. He's very BIG as you can see, but I hear he was a real friendly dog. Fala was known to have a second-class mind but first-class temperament (you know, like a lot of dogs). The little known fact is how influential Fala was over the course of history. FDR would ponder important decisions, and be pretty indecisive. So he would ask Fala's advice and whatever Fala woofed for the loudest is the course FDR would take. Like take Social Security, for instance. Roosevelt was against it at first, arguing it's just a Ponzi scheme and socialistic. But Fala was so emphatic in his support that FDR finally relented. Roosevelt kinda blundered on that one, though, because he forgot to include the canine provision in Social Security. Fala was quite angry when he heard about the final legislation, but being a dog, he quickly forgot and was still excited and wagged his tail when FDR entered the room.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frank and Me

Here I am with Frank Roosevelt, some called him FDR (not sure what the 'D' stands for, maybe Dog or something). I was scared here too. I've been told that this FDR fella was a real powerful man, so I assumed he could break a cockapoo with his bare hands. But look closely. It's just a statue like a lot of other stuff I saw. There were a lot of people around, wearing shorts and some with baseball hats, and some with funny accents. But there were a lot of statues to.

Now here is an interesting historical fact related to this exhibit. This FDR guy, see, he's in a wheelchair. That's what's ironic. I heard that when he was living, he didn't want word to get out that he rode around in one of these things. See, this FDR was a real smart politician and he wanted people to think he was a 'man of the people' even though he had enough money to eat hamburger every day and to have a whole farm of cockapoos of his own. He didn't want word to get around that he had this cool chair to ride around in all day, when the rest of the folks were hungry and had to walk everywhere.

Funny how it hasn't changed too much today with the politicians wanting everyone to think how bad they had it when they were younger and how good the other guy's got it -"my daddy ran away", "oh yea, I was tortured", "your dog eats from gold-plated Kong toys", " oh yea, your an elitist and eat foie gras [whatever that is]".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Am I?

Really, I'm asking, I don't know. This is Part II from my exhotic sight peeing adventure last weekend. Daddy made me go up close to those men. I was real scared and he had to struggle to get me over there. They don't look any too friendly and they look hungry enough to eat a cockapoo. But then as I got close, I noticed they didn't move. They are statues - get it? So I felt a little safer and posed for this picture. But what is it? They don't look like presidents or soldiers or anything like that. It's a good picture of me, but what's the point?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sight Peeing

I was out sight peeing with my mommy and daddy this past weekend. I saw some great sights, some that dogs from all over the world can only dream of seeing. Can you guess where I am? Here's a hint - that building behind me has a statue of another great Tommy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My endorsement

From the picture at the left, you probably think I'm endorsing myself, Tommy. Given my choices of the other two, my candidacy is looking more attractive. But now that I've 'boned up' (so to speak) on civics, it's obvious that, at two years old, I'm constitutionally ineligible to be elected (even if you apply a liberal 'dog-year' factor). I'm just luke warm on the choices, so why not just post a picture of me. After all, I've got better fur.

So these are the choices. Nice man Biden running with the dog-hating, over-promising Obama. And nice man, animal lover McCain running with animal killer Palin. Here goes. I'm going to cover my nose and pull the lever for the Biden / Obama ticket.

I know I'm voting for president and McCain is the better pick that department. We dogs would have a friend in the White House in a McCain administration. But he's so OLD. I mean he's 72 or something. I'll be lucky to make it to 15 years, forget about 72! He's not going to make it and then what - we're stuck THAT WOMAN.

Now for Obama. At the risk of sounding naive, let's take his word at face value. Maybe he really will keep his promise to his kids. Having a dog around the house may soften his heart - "The New Obama," like "The New Nixon." It could happen. And I think dogs get a much better shot at AFDD and universal pet health care with Obama. No way will McCain go for it. With him, dogs gotta be independent and on their own. But with Obama, he loves spending the humans' money on worthwhile government programs. And what's more worthwhile than AFDD.

But this is just a personal preference. It is such a mild endorsement, I'm releasing all my followers to vote your own conscience.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rethinking My Endorsement

OK, OK, I noted that I am but a small, furry cockapoo (with floppy ears and a short stubby tail) and I am still a political neophyte. The e-mails have been pouring in informing me of my misunderstanding of presidential politics. Now I get it. You have to vote for President and VP FROM THE SAME PARTY. So if I want McCain, I have to accept Palin (ouch) or if I want Biden, I have to accept Obama (yuk). (In my defense, we never studied civics at U of PetSmart Falls Church Campus.) So . . . what's a cockapoo to do? I'll let you know.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm Endorsing the McCain / Biden Ticket

I'm so excited, being just two years old, here's my first official presidential endorsement.

Senator John McCain is a life-long animal lover and has a lot of pets and dogs. So I know I'll have a friend in the White House and who knows, maybe even be named Undersecretary for Canine Affairs. His opponent is the Dog Hating Obama, who refuses to get his kids that dog even though they beg him for it. Both candidates have remained silent on AFDD and universal pet health care. But I am starting this campaign is more about character than issues.

For Vice President, Joe Biden seems like a nice guy. But that Sarah Palin tracks down animals and shoots them dead. Then goes out and brags about it. I'm happy keeping her far away in Alaska and not bring her practically to my neighborhood. I like sight-peeing in the NW DC, and the Veep mansion would be too close for comfort if she moves in. I'd have my tail between my legs, looking over my shoulder the whole time.

So there you have it. All you dogs and concerned humans, go out and vote for McCain and Biden.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Initial Reaction to Palin

I know you are all waiting for my presidential endorsement. And it's coming. I just got a lot of facts to collate. At this stage, I'm still what's known as an 'undecided.' I watched Sarah Palin's speech while nuzzled next to my daddy. She seemed like a nice lady. So I did a little research on her. I turned up this picture here. Look what she does to these poor animals. Wow, does she do this to her dogs too? I don't even know if she has dogs, but maybe it's best that she doesn't? I couldn't help but notice that her speech was deafeningly silent on issues of importance to us pets. Well, gotta go. But I'll be coming out with my endorsement real soon.

Rough Night

I usually start the night sleeping on the floor beside mommy's and daddy's bed. But then in the middle of the night I like to hop up on the bed and we are all nice and cozy. But what happened last night? Mommy was keeping a vigil all night and as soon as I hopped up, she yelled at me to get down. Like I got fleas or ticks or something. So I spent a restless night on the floor.

On an unrelated note, what seemed like a pleasant surprise, I got to go bye-bye this morning. Nice long drive, but then we end up in the parking lot of that lady who likes to put that stick up my tush. Fortunately, she wasn't there, and I only got a mild going over. But I was shaking the whole time. I was glad to get out of there, return home, and take a snooze in my crate with two stuffed Kong toys.