Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My endorsement

From the picture at the left, you probably think I'm endorsing myself, Tommy. Given my choices of the other two, my candidacy is looking more attractive. But now that I've 'boned up' (so to speak) on civics, it's obvious that, at two years old, I'm constitutionally ineligible to be elected (even if you apply a liberal 'dog-year' factor). I'm just luke warm on the choices, so why not just post a picture of me. After all, I've got better fur.

So these are the choices. Nice man Biden running with the dog-hating, over-promising Obama. And nice man, animal lover McCain running with animal killer Palin. Here goes. I'm going to cover my nose and pull the lever for the Biden / Obama ticket.

I know I'm voting for president and McCain is the better pick that department. We dogs would have a friend in the White House in a McCain administration. But he's so OLD. I mean he's 72 or something. I'll be lucky to make it to 15 years, forget about 72! He's not going to make it and then what - we're stuck THAT WOMAN.

Now for Obama. At the risk of sounding naive, let's take his word at face value. Maybe he really will keep his promise to his kids. Having a dog around the house may soften his heart - "The New Obama," like "The New Nixon." It could happen. And I think dogs get a much better shot at AFDD and universal pet health care with Obama. No way will McCain go for it. With him, dogs gotta be independent and on their own. But with Obama, he loves spending the humans' money on worthwhile government programs. And what's more worthwhile than AFDD.

But this is just a personal preference. It is such a mild endorsement, I'm releasing all my followers to vote your own conscience.

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Sarah said...


Are you certain you don't want to rethink your endorsement? Remember, I've got a gun, and as my future son-in-law will tell you, I'm not afraid to use it.