Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Am I?

Really, I'm asking, I don't know. This is Part II from my exhotic sight peeing adventure last weekend. Daddy made me go up close to those men. I was real scared and he had to struggle to get me over there. They don't look any too friendly and they look hungry enough to eat a cockapoo. But then as I got close, I noticed they didn't move. They are statues - get it? So I felt a little safer and posed for this picture. But what is it? They don't look like presidents or soldiers or anything like that. It's a good picture of me, but what's the point?


Barak said...

The point is that these men are victims of the McCainBush economic plan. If your daddy doesn't vote for me he'll be standing in a line just like this one, looking just as bad.

big brother said...

Tommy, when you figure out who those men are, let me know. I honestly don't know who they are. You should ask you daddy.