Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks to My Grandma

My grandma made this food for me and it's delicious. She calls her secret recipe "Grammy's Pot Pie" and I gobble it up as soon as the dish hits the floor. These are the best kibbles I ever ate. I hope she keeps making it and sending up our way.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Favorite President

I wish I had a slice of bologna every time I've been asked "Tommy, who is your favorite president?" So I'll take this opportunity to once and for put an end to this burning question. It should come as no big surprise to the astute reader that my farovite president is Jimmy Carter. After all, we are a lot alike. 1) We both spent time down on the farm in our youths. 2) We are both considered to be very smart -- by some estimates, Carter had the highest IQ of any president and as for me, well, with all due humility, how many dogs do you know who blog? 3) We are both big believers in rights, Jimmy for the human variety, I for the canine variety. You can even see from the picture here that Jimmy is against Apartheid. He thinks all people should be friends and live happily together and who can be against that? and 4) Perhaps most remarkably, both Jimmy and I are non-violent.

I'd like to address this last comparison at some length, if I may. It's well known that when I go to the dog park, I try to keep a low profile and stay away from the aggressive and mean dogs. If they want to play ruff and I can't get away, then I'll roll over. Well, it was no different with Jimmy. When as a boy he was on the playground, the bullies would come over and push him around and put gum in his hair. But Jimmy wouldn't fight. Instead he would cite some school resolution against gum or whatever and when that would produce riotous laugher more taunts, he would run away vowing to take his complaints to the principal. Pretty smart strategy I'd say. And when Jimmy became president, he stayed true to himself. When the Ayatolla metaphorically lifted his leg and pee'd right on Jimmy's pant leg (well, in actuality, the Ayatolla took some hostages), Jimmy didn't want to fight and tried to reason with the Ayatolla. When that didn't work, Jimmy went crying to the UN. I was a little disappointed to learn that Jimmy was finally goaded into a little fight, but of course his heart wasn't in it and it didn't go so well for the US. Finally Jimmy returned to form and vowed to go to his room (well actually the Rose Garden) and not come out until the Ayatolla released the hostages. And let me point out, Jimmy's strategy worked! After he was voted out of office, the Ayatolla agreed to return the hostages and who was the first to greet their return? Why none other than my favorite president.

So there you have it. I wonder who your favorite president is. Please feel free to comment.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Pate for Me, Thank You

What do you think of this new study?

Study: Dog Food Tastes Just Like Pâté

It says that pate tastes just like dog food. Well no thank you. I'll stick with steak, hamburger, chicken, bologna, and bacon, please.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Andruw and Manny II

I'm sorry to say, just as I feared, I got myself in trouble with my brother because of my last post on Andruw (sic) and Manny. He's mad at me because I said I like Manny more. He e-mailed me some stuff about Andruw I neglected to point out. So I just want to set the record straight. My brother told me Andruw has all these 'gold gloves' and Manny doesn't. I guess if my brother says so, it must be true, he's pretty smart after all. But I'm not real sure how this helps play baseball. And why would Andruw need these things anyway? He played in Atlanta and Los Angeles and now he's been shipped out to Texas for one last gasp. These places are all real warm in the summer. Manny played in Boston and Cleveland, so maybe he needed some of those gloves more, but Andruw is the one who has them.

Oh well, I hope this clears things up between my brother and me. I'll be watching these two guys through the season and maybe report back on their progress.