Friday, May 1, 2009

Andruw and Manny II

I'm sorry to say, just as I feared, I got myself in trouble with my brother because of my last post on Andruw (sic) and Manny. He's mad at me because I said I like Manny more. He e-mailed me some stuff about Andruw I neglected to point out. So I just want to set the record straight. My brother told me Andruw has all these 'gold gloves' and Manny doesn't. I guess if my brother says so, it must be true, he's pretty smart after all. But I'm not real sure how this helps play baseball. And why would Andruw need these things anyway? He played in Atlanta and Los Angeles and now he's been shipped out to Texas for one last gasp. These places are all real warm in the summer. Manny played in Boston and Cleveland, so maybe he needed some of those gloves more, but Andruw is the one who has them.

Oh well, I hope this clears things up between my brother and me. I'll be watching these two guys through the season and maybe report back on their progress.

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