Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Tail of Two Outfielders

I sure dislike being in the middle of a family controversy like this. But I do like baseball, so here goes:

My daddy likes this outfielder, named Manny Rameriz. Manny has 536 homers, a career average of .315, a career OBP of .411, two world championships and is 36 years old.

My brother likes this outfielder whose name is Andruw. Andruw Jones has 373 homers, a career average of .260, unfortunately has never won the world championship and is, well, no one but Andruw and maybe his mother know how old Andruw really is.

I hate to say this, but sorry, big brother. I gotta go with my daddy on this one. I like Manny too.


Anonymous said...

Michael Vick hits better than both of them put together.

big brother said...

I am very dissapointed. What kind of propoganda has you dad been feeding you? Andruw is known by any knowledgable baseball fan (which you aparently are not) to be "the greatest CF of all time." Manny may have had a couple good seasons, but that is probably due to the steroids he was taking.

big brother said...

And Tommy, it's "tale", not "tail." It's about time you head back to school.