Monday, August 13, 2007

'Will Be Dealt With?'

I'm back!!! I'll try to post as often as I can, but may have trouble getting on-line. My big brother and big sister are home all day this week and hogging both computers. I do like them being home, but wish they would share the computers more with me.
Had a great time at Happy Tails for the last two weeks. Maybe I'll post more on that later. But unfortunately, I came home with a cough. I think Bubba the Terrier was spreading all the diseases.
Now, on a more serious topic, my owners bided their time in Israel whilst I vacationed. I glanced through some of the pictures they brought home. They are quite interesting, but I was horrified by this one. OK, I get it, maybe there are some places we dogs shouldn't go. But what exactly does that mean - 'will be dealt with?' As I understand it, this photo was taken in Israel, at a park overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, north of Tel Aviv. Does that kind of language sound familiar? Just substitute the word 'Jew' for the word 'dog' and I think you'll catch my drift. As I don't think I'll be visiting Israel any time soon.

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