Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello from the Road

It's vacation season. Being a modern, active cockapoo, I need a break just like everyone else. I'm away right now, but will try to update the blog when I can. I am staying with my Grandma and Grandpa in Cape Coral. They are so old . . . get this . . . they still have dial-up internet!!! So it's painful to browse the internet for interesting news from the human and canine worlds, log in, and keep you, my faithful readers, up to date. But I'll do my best.

My mommy and daddy put me in the car for what I thought would be a simple trip to my favorite store, Petsmart. But we just kept driving . . . and driving . . . and driving. My stomach got a little queasy at one point, and I barfed a little. No problem, it was just a lousy kibble breakfast I heaved. Along the way, I got to stop and sniff at several interesting places. Then we came to a place for the night. There were a lot of strange and scary people, so I did a lot of barking to scare them off and protect my mommy and daddy. Don't worry, they're fine. We went to a cool restaurent, but they wouldn't let me eat there, so we ate beside the pool. More strange people, but I kept everything cool.

The the next day, we got back in the car and what did we do? Drive . . . and drive . . . and drive. We stopped for a good lunch at my favorite restaurant, the one with those funny yellow arches, then did some more driving. Then we finally arrived at grandma's. I hadn't met her before, so when she opened the door, I barked at her. Then I realized it is my grandparents, so I settled in and they have been nice to me, nicer than everyone else in my family. They kept throwing me in the pool. "Wouldn't it be funny to see if Tommy can swim." Well, ha, ha, ha. Yes, I can swim, I'm a dog, for God's sake. But I don't like it in that pool, and daddy, if you're reading this, don't throw me back in or else I won't let you scratch me behind my ears anymore.

Well, gotto go. My big brother wants the computer (so what else is new?).

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