Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kibbles? No Way!!

My mommy and daddy are no doubt complaining that I am not eating my kibbles. Well, it's not that I don't like my dog food. I'm just too scared, what with all these kibble poisoning scares.
Here, read the latest, from Mars dog food, makers of good old American M & Ms, no less:
Mars Petcare US Inc., a division of food company Mars Inc., perhaps best-known for its candy bars, is recalling 5-pound bags of Krasdale Gravy dry dog food with a best-by date of July 16 and 17, 2008, that were sold in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. . . Symptoms in pets with Salmonella infections can include lethargy, diarrhea, fever and vomiting.
No thank you. The kibbles must be the reason I barfed in the car on our recent trip. I'll stick with McDonalds hamburgers, turkey, and swiss.

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Your [human] dad said...


I suspect you are using these few unfortunate events as excuses to not eat your dog food. If you think this ruse will work, you are a sadly mistaken dog. You are a growing pup and need a well balanced diet, not just the junk you were eating on vacation, like vanilla ice cream, McDonalds hamburgers, hard boiled eggs, and brisket. YOU WILL EAT YOUR KIBBLES - AND LIKE IT.