Monday, August 27, 2007

Doggie Orthodontics - Please Vote on the Right

I'm going to share a little bit of myself here, I don't think I ever shared this with anyone before. I don't think it was any secret that when my human mommy and daddy first brought me home, I was a bit down in the dumps. I missed my mom, Cherokee, very much. And maybe even my dad, Cody, just a little bit, even though he never acknowledged me as his son. But I became truly depressed the next day when I made my first trip to the doctor. She is a very nice lady, even though she puts that small stick up my behind every time I see her. But the first thing she told my mommy and daddy is that I have an UNDERBITE and can't be a show dog. You gotta understand, when I was just a little pup, Cherokee would rock me to sleep and tell me stories of how I would be a great champion cockapoo some day. And along comes this doctor and reality slaps me hard in the face.

I want so bad to live up to her dreams for me. I posted a recent picture of me. So what do you think - do I really have an underbite?

So I started searching the internet for solutions. And check this out, it's not impossible. Doggies like me can get braces:

The article says most vets won't do it unless the dog is in pain. No problem, I'll just pretend, get it? So what do you think? Should I get the braces or not?


your human brother said...

first of all Tommy, what does 'orthodoctics' mean? thats a big word for a little pooch. and you will always be a little cockapoo champ to me Tommy, so you havent let you mother down.

Your mom, Cherokee said...

Tommy, you look so cute as you are. I don't think you should do it. You will always be my little puppy and don't need to prove anything to me. My father Fang (your grandfather), may rest in peace, had a bigger underbite than you, and he was always a champion to me.

your brother said...

Tommy, I think as a punishment of what you did the other night, NO COMPUTER FOR YOU FOR 2 WEEKS. it was a horrendous crime you committed, so I think this is a suitable punishment.

Cody (a poodle) said...

Tommy, it's me Cody, who by some accounts is your real dad, though the way Cherokee struts around Autumn View Farm, well, who knows?

When I knowd you down here on the farm, you was always a good-for-nothin mutt. So I think you should do it, get the braces. Then maybe you could make somethin of your life and who knows, maybe win some small cockapoo competition, like tops of mt airy under three years old with curly caramel fur who don't fetch or nothin.

Your mom, Cherokee said...

I see you father commented, just above mine. Ordinarily, I would not 'air our dirty laundry' in a public forum, but after what he said both you and me, I feel compelled to respond.

Tommy, first let me assure you - CODY THE POODLE IS YOUR FATHER . Never forget that, never let anybody tell you differently. I just thought you need to know that and be sure.

And now that he has impugned my reputation, calling me a 'doggie of the evening' in not so many words, I would like to give you (and everyone else) a little background, so you can hold your head high in the dog parks. When you were conceived, your father and I were very much in love. Cody has a gruff side, a crude side, sure. But he can be very tender and kind, and he is quite the macho poodle. He was my first and we loved mating together. I wrote to you recently, on your blog, that we had decided to mate again. I had planned a beautiful evening for us, candle-light, Alpo Premium, and maybe some steak scraps with a kibble garnish. But then fate intervened. Mr. Burdette, our breeder, decided that affairs of business were more important than affairs of the heart. He decided he needed a litter of cream colored cockapoos. So he shoved Milktoast, the white poodle, in with me. I like Milktoast, he's cute, but I don't like him in that way. Well, one thing led to the next, and I'm sure you can imagine the result - I'm expecting a new litter. Your father found out and flew into a violent rage. Ever since, he has been nasty and rough with me, calling me names and pushing me around. I tried to tell him it wasn't my wish, but he just grew angrier.

There you have it, Tommy. Yes Cody is your dad and maybe some day the two of us can get back together.