Friday, November 9, 2007

So who do I like?

Many of you have been asking - "so Tommy, who do you like for human president?" I didn't want to respond too hastily, this is, after all, my first presidential campaign. I've given the matter a lot of thought and done quite a bit of research (what else do I have to do with my time during the day?).

At this stage . . . drum roll please . . . I'm prepared to throw my substantial weight behind Hillary Clinton.

I found this web site that clearly lists where each candidate stands on the major issue of the day. Hillary has what it takes, a nice, friendly looking dog, one that wouldn't bully me in the dog park. He looks like the kind of dog you can sit down with and enjoy a bowl of Alpo. And from this picture it's obvious Hillary has made a very happy, stable home life for her family and dog.

As for those other candidates, Richardson's got two cats (nuff said); Huckabee's hunting dog sounds scary; Chris Dodd - wait a minute, who is he, again?; McCain just can't make up his mind; Romney with his horses - who cares? But the worst one, that Obama, he's got no pets and he's already making promises he has no intention of keeping.

Here's that web site I was telling you about and I copied the important stuff below the link, so you can read for yourself.

Hillary Clinton owns a chocolate lab named Seamus.
Bill Richardson has two tabby cats, Jackie and Squeaky.
Chris Dodd and Barack Obama have no pets, though Obama has promised his kids a dog.

Mike Huckabee has a hunting dog, Jet, and a shih tzu, Sonic.
Mitt Romney's wife owns horses.
Sam Brownback has his two cats, a Lab/blue heeler mix named Twinkle, a miniature Dachshund, Emma and a fish named Marvin Three.
John McCain owns three turtles, three parakeets, a ferret, two dogs, a cat and 13 salt water fish.


Bill Clinton said...


Hill and I are delighted to have earned your endorsement.

Now if you happen to know of a young, lovely female pooch out there interested in being an intern for Seamus, you'll be sure to let me know, won't you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tommy,

You may want to ask Hillary about Buddy.