Thursday, May 8, 2008

He Got Game

Little did you know, I've working hard to 'up my game', Fetch, that is. You know, I've taken some knocks for not being so good at Fetch. I tried to pretend it didn't bother me, like I even posted to the blog that 'fetch is just not my thing.' But it always bothered me. I read biographies about one of my heros Ashley Whippet (, possibly the greatest frisbee dog of all time. I dreamt about joining the big leagues, performing before packed crowds at half-time. So I decided to take private fetch lessons, on the sly, no one knew about it. I finally got my game to such a level that I was ready to 'show off.' I begged my daddy to take me out for a friendly game. He was dubious, 'why bother' he muttered. No, no, seriously, I said, take your camera. So he did. And check out my form. I still have a lot of work to do, but you'll agree I've come a long way.


Anonymous said...

A "long way" my ass. You stink at fetch.

Anonymous said...