Saturday, June 28, 2008

From Mt. Airy to the Top of the Mountain

All us Mt. Airy, MD natives are real proud of our Joe. Joe Alexander made it from humble Mt. Airy to the big show. When I was just a pup, still with my mom, Joe stopped by the farm once, to shop for a puppy. Well, he was already a big star around our parts. When he arrived at the farm, there was a big stir among the dobermans and they started to fight among themselves, each wanting to be the first to sniff him up and play some tug-a-war. We cockapoos kinda hung back a little afraid because he was so BIG. He talked to Mr. Burdette about buying a cockapoo and Mr. Burdette said, being a big star and all, he could give him a real good price. I remember my mom, Cherokee, quipped that he was too big for such a little dog. Well, in the end, he looked us all over, me too, but I think he said we were all too skinny and flea-ridden for his tastes and he would try the farm next door.

I wonder what dog good-old Joe finally decided on? That's one lucky dog because Joe's gonna be rich and be able to give his dog steak Kongs all the time and maybe get him in free to see the games in the VID section.


Joe said...

I'm going to be traveling a lot (both on and off the court) and dogs--especially cocapoos--are too needy to be left alone. So I got a cat and two fish. No dogs.

Anonymous said...

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