Monday, January 19, 2009


It was so cold this past weekend that I just wanted to stay in the house and snooze. By my daddy bundled me up and took me out to a park on the river for a long walk. You can see me here in my green jacket. Notice the river in the background is practically frozen! I don't usually like wearing my jacket preferring to go au naturale. But I was sure glad I wore it this day. It helped keep me a little toastier. He made me sit to pose for this picture and I didn't want to because my tush was real cold on the concrete. And he took more than one picture so I had to keep sitting and sitting. It was a long walk and I never could seem to warm up. We crossed a couple of streams and daddy carried me across, and this time I was glad he did. You see, daddy uses the stepping stones but I have trouble figuring them out so I usually just plod through the water. But by this time, the my paws were already numb from cold and no telling how bad it would be if I had to walk through that frigid water.

You know, in the end, I did have a good time. But I only hope for a little more warmth the next time we go for this hike.


big brother said...

Tommy, what does "frigid" mean?

Tommy said...

Yo, I'm not sure I catch your drift. You really don't know what 'frigid' means, or you're implying we cockapoos are so stupid we can't expand our vocabularies?