Thursday, February 5, 2009

Summary Justice

And if the dog really did it, he should be punished. But did he deserve this?

The dog was seized, euthanized and was being tested for rabies, although its shots were up to date.

No miranda rights read, no gathering of evidence, no arraignment, no trial. They took him out back and slaughtered him, and only THEN checked for rabies. Because it's a canine, it's shoot first, ask questions later.

OK, we're dogs. But we only ask for due process, the same protection all others are entitled to. I'm taking this to the CCLU.


Anonymous said...

would you support euthanizing the babysitter?

big brother said...

I support euthanizing the baby. He obviously did something that angered the poor little pooch. Maybe he stole one of the puppy's squeaky toys or raw-hide chew bones. I feel bad for the dog that he was left no choice but to take the action that he did.

Anonymous said...

some dogs and people solve conflict by retaliation, some by negotiation, some by flight. this annimal attacked. what would you do?