Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from my absence

Hey everyone. Wondering why I hadn't posted for so long? For some unexplained reason, mommy and daddy left me with a nice lady for a long time. Every time I tried to get on the computer to do some blogging, she scolded me and and said "no, no, doggies don't use computers" (technically not true, because we all know there is at least one dog who uses computers). But otherwise, she was real nice and let me sleep on the bed and all. She was home and played with me and took me for walks and was thoughtful enough to give me chicken-stuffed kongs for a treat each night (what a conicidence, just like home). Once she took me to the dog park, but I was pretty scared and she didn't take me back there. There were other dogs in her apartment to play with. There was the big golden-doodle, Bozo. He was a little too big to play ruff with, but we had some long, intense conversations. Then he left and a little doggie named Powder Puff came to stay with us. She was more my size and we played ruff sometimes. All in all, I had a good time and I was on my best behavior and had no accidents! And I overheard the nice lady tell my daddy that I was one of the best dogs who ever stayed with her.


Anonymous said...

next time they will send you on a vacation while daddy stays with the nice lady. your vacation destination will be philadelphia where yopu will stay with a brand new eagle.

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