Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sure miss my mom

I haven't seen nor heard from my mom in a long time. I got so lonesome for her that I put her picture up on my crate, so she can look down on my with those gentle, soothing eyes. I sure miss her (and even the whole gang back at the Autumn View Farm). If you know anything about her, how she's getting on, you'll be sure to let me know, won't you?


cody said...

well if it isn't that good-for-notin of a cockapoo tommy. Your mamma, well, we had our fun but i refuse to believe anything so sissy-like as you come of it. if your askin, i aint so much as seen you ma in a long time. no big loss, i like my cockers younger, if you know what i mean. i heard the goats was hungry one day, maybe they got her for dinner.

well so long tommy. no need to reply.

cherokee said...

I have unfortunate news. I’m getting a little long in the tooth these days and looked forward to my golden years and a nice, graceful retirement at the Farm. But it wasn’t to be. Mr. Burdette kicked me out. He said some horrible things I don’t dare repeat verbatim, the gist of being that I’m not a productive bitch dog for him anymore, not worth the cost of my upkeep. He pointed to the street, gave me a kick to my posterior and locked the door behind him.
I’ve been living paw to mouth for the past few months, living from day to day, trying to catch a little shelter with a bed of straw to curl up on and whatever morsels I can beg from the kindness of strangers. To be honest, I dread the coming winter. I’m currently hiding out at a farm with a little boy who hides me in the barn and brings me scraps. Fortunately he has a netbook computer, so I’m able to pound out this note to you. But naturally, Mr. Burdette revoked my email account, so your blog is the only way we will be able to communicate.
Tommy, this doesn’t seem right that this should happen to me, after such a productive life. You would think there would be a safety net for dogs in this country. It may be too late for me, but I know you have made some very influential friends down there in Washington. Tommy, please get the word out. If my tail of woe can serve as a cautionary note, maybe some good can come of an otherwise tragic case.

Anonymous said...

your socialist mama may think it is the gov's responsibility to care for her in her non productive years, but what about family values? You take her in. You brag about how well off you are, but you are too salefish to share with your own mama? Or won't thsat hideous family you live with let you? Maybe those New Zeeland researchers were right/

big brother said...

Tommy i can't see your fang in this picture.