Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open Letter to My Big Brother

Dear Big Brother,

I am trying to be a serious blogger and infuse my blog with commentary on issues and events that are important or of interest to the canine and human communities. But some of your comments have been off-topic at best and inane at worst. Let me give you some examples:

On October 3, I posted an entry titled "Cockapoo Pride" in which I hightlighted a heart-warming tail of PC the cockapoo, who came away a big winner at a local dog show, infusing pride in the entire cockapoo community. Your comment was somewhat inappropriate, bordering on breedist: "i wouldn't go so far as to say that the cockapoo is an actual type of "breed." the so-called 'cockapoo' is a type of mut. not breed."

On September 8, I posted an entry titled "An Open Letter to My Mommy and Daddy", where I argued quite convincingly that it was discriminatory for them to eat lavish human foods, right in front of me, then offer up only dry kibbles in my dog dish. My motives were not selfish, rather this has been a persistent complaint from dogs world-wide. Your comment? Let me quote: "Tommy, you look deep in thought in this picture. i like it."

But maybe the worst, most egregious example occurred for my November 14 post, titled "Sure Miss My Mom", where my dear, sweet mother Cherokee revealed a terrible tail of mistreatment and suffering. Here, I quote your comment in full: "Tommy i can't see your fang in this picture."

Big brother, I have been told that you are relatively intellegent, by human standards at least. We do welcome your participation. But I wish you would try to stay on topic and offer my readers more than human drivel.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sure miss my mom

I haven't seen nor heard from my mom in a long time. I got so lonesome for her that I put her picture up on my crate, so she can look down on my with those gentle, soothing eyes. I sure miss her (and even the whole gang back at the Autumn View Farm). If you know anything about her, how she's getting on, you'll be sure to let me know, won't you?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Climate Change Solution?

I'm as scared about the warming planet as the next dog. It's hot enough out there, especially with all my fur. Now, I'm willing to do my part such as: only eating locally produced steak,chicken, and hamburger, going bye-bye only in hybrid cars, pass wind less often, personally pick through the garbage to cut down on refuse, and go pee-pee in the dark in the back yard. But I think these New Zealand researchers, Bob and Brenda Vale, are taking things too far, like suggesting that we dogs are the problem and we should be eaten rather than fed. That's going too far. What do you think?