Friday, May 7, 2010


Whoa, check it out. It's a piece of 'petrified wood'. I learned all about it when I went site peeing last weekend. Here I am in front of the world famous Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, gaping at this tree turned into rock. Daddy said it was 'petrified'. I looked up the word and it says it means 'to stun or paralyze with terror.' Makes you wonder how that could happen to a tree? Well here's what I figured out. This tree was minding its own business right in front of the museum. And then the men hauled those dinosaurs inside and the trees became petrified, right there where they stood. Who can blame the trees; I woulda been petrified by the dinosaurs, too.

Science just fascinates me. It explains how things really work. Now if I could only figure out how that refrigerator door works . . .

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big brother said...

apparently it doesn't even take a dinosaur to petrify you.. you were scared of the statues in your last sight peeing trip..