Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Pee Party Rally in Washington

Here I am at this big Pee Party rally in Washington. All the big Pee Partiers were there, out supporting us dogs. And there were a lot of us dogs out there. The Pee Party has been criticized as being a breedist organization and to be sure, there were mostly only mono-breeds at the rally. But I was treated real well, even though I'm diverse. There was no name calling or anything like that, and a lot of the people pat me on the head and said I was a good boy. I tried to get up close to see Sarah Palin because I like her now that she is a Pee Partier and supports us animals. I think I caught her eye, cause when she looked my way, she gave me the 'Canine Power' raised fist salute.


big brother said...

Dear Tommy,

Your tongue appears very long in this picture.

Tommy said...

big brother,

don't you have anything of substance to add? Must you dwell on my physical traits?