Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of My Heroes

Here I am posing with Ghandi, one of my all-time heroes.  This Ghandi guy was a lot like me; he didn't want to play ruff.  See, he didn't like to fight but he called it 'non-violent'.  Well, I can dig that, cause I'm 'non-violent' too.  Like when I'm at the dog park, I like to sit under the bench and watch all the other dogs when they get into their ruff stuff.

So this Ghandi was really something, but even though he and I are alike in so many ways, you gotta admit that he was a little dumber than me.  Like for instance, if I saw a tough-looking British bull-dog on the street, I would pull to the other side and hope he didn't notice me.  But when Ghandi saw a tough-looking British cop, he wouldn't cross to the other side, but would just stand there and let the cop beat him up.  How smart is that?

Well the British treated him so bad that that he didn't get enough food.  Look at how skinny he is.  And he didn't get the right vet care and had to walk with that cane.  Real sad.  But this where it gets good.  He made himself so pathetic that the British felt sorry for him and decided to leave him, and even his whole country, alone and they decided to leave.  So in the end, Ghandi, even though he wasn't too bright, did a great thing and now we have a country called 'India'.  And they even built this statue of him and put it in the middle of Washington and I got to visit on a sight-peeing walk and got this cool picture taken.  The only downside to the day was, even though I was 'sight-peeing', daddy wouldn't let me mark my territory here.

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Anonymous said...

Ghandi was known to have drunk his own urine, not yours. Hence no sight-peeing on him. What route did you walk here?