Monday, June 11, 2012

My Latest Fur Cut

I got my fur cut this past weekend.  I'm not going to lie to you -- I don't like it.  They put me in a cage before and after the torture session.  And when they are all done, all the good sniffs are taken out of my fur and I smell like some kind of soap dish -- yuchhh.  But I have to admit, I am cooler on my walks without all that extra fur.
The lady who runs the place is kind of nice except for all the things she has her helpers do to me.  When they were done with me, she said I was a very good boy and so she was going to give me a new bandana and let me choose it.  So she led me to the back room where she keeps them and said I could choose my own.  It was a hard decision because she has such a large variety, from Santa Clauses to Easter bunnies, four-leaf clovers, to turkeys.  But then I saw the one I wanted, so I gently pawed it and she put it on me.  You can see it on me in the photo above, one that truly expresses who I am both as a dog and global citizen:  the one with the peace symbols.  Because that's me.  I just want peace and no fighting.  I think all dogs should be happy and sniff each other and not play ruff.  And humans, too.

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Your quacking duck toy said...

You are no peace-nic. Look at what you did to my duck bill, you've practically ripped it off. Why not put it to a vote among all the toys in your toy-basket if you are such a peace-dog.

Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack . . . Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack . . . Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack-Quack