Monday, October 29, 2012

October Surprise: I'm Endorsing Obama

I've held my tongue up to now, preferring to study the candidates carefully before woofing my support.  But after thorough consideration, I am throwing my weight behind the Obama/Biden ticket.  Mr. Obama is a dog owner and maybe even likes Bo by now.  Even though he remains silent about issues of importance to us dogs, I think we got a better shot with him than that other guy to get things like universal pet health care, bologna stamps, and subsidized doggie day care.  I know, and even posted, that Obama used to eat dogs.  But by all accounts, he didn't like it and probably doesn't do it anymore, at least not knowingly.  As for his running mate, Joe Biden, I think most of you know that he is a personal friend of mine and a known dog lover.

As for his opponent Romney, he too has remained silent about issues that concern us.  The only thing we know for sure is that he has so little regard for our kind, that he put his own dog on the roof of his car while driving his family on vacation.

By most accounts, the election will be very close, especially in my home state of Virginia.  The dog vote COULD make the difference, IF we turn out at the polls.  I implore you all to vote as if your kibbles depend on it, because they very well could!

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