Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh Canada!


I was pawing through the newspapers today when I stumbled across this fascinating article:
You see, this baseball guy plays up there in Canada (I looked at the map, and it’s way up there, even up higher than Mt. Airy where I was born).  But because Canada doesn’t allow certain breeds of dog, he won’t move his family there, he only stays for a while, when he plays baseball.  Frequent readers of my blog probably think you know where this is going, that I’m feeling all sorry for this baseball player and think Canada’s a bad place because he can’t bring his beloved doggie, Slater. 
But no.  Read the article closely.  You see, this guy has a ferocious pit bull, which has been outlawed in parts of Canada.  You see, Canada is like a safe haven for cockapoos like me.  I wouldn’t have to be as worried about being beaten up at the dog park.  I’m all for this.  In fact, I would even extend it to other breeds of mean assult dogs.  Like take the German Shepard, for instance.  I was at the vet a few days ago, sniffing around, saying ‘hi’ to all the people and dogs, when a German Shepard growled and snapped at me.  Good thing he was on the leash or else I would have even needed the vet even more.  So I’d go ahead and ban these dogs from Canada too, and throw in the rotweiller and the basenji too (you know, like ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2’).

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