Friday, November 7, 2008

The M-Word Uttered by Our President-Elect

This is what he thought would be funny, when speaking to the press about adopting a dog:

His family is looking for a dog that will not trigger his daughter Malia's allergies. Ideally, he said it would come from an animal rescue shelter, but "obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.

Shame on you, Mr. Obama. Even speaking self-deprecatingly.
And let me point out that he hasn't gotten that dog yet. We are watching you, and plan to hold you accountable to your campaign promises. Though at this point, I wonder what self-respecting dog would want him as an owner?


Fala XIX said...

Not only has the new FDR told the world what everyone already should hsve known--that Frankenhounds like you are MUTTS, not real dogs, he also has reaffirmed his plan to broaden Roe v. Wade to other species so affronts to sensibility such as so-called cockapoos casn be quashed in the bud so to speak. If low class dogs like Cherokee insist on whoring around without adequate protection, at least the world can be spared more embarrassments such as you.

It hurts me that this new FDR actually is considering a cockapoo in the White House, but I assume that this is only because he is clueless (like he seems to be on many things)about just how stupid cockapoos really are. I should just tell him and give him your web address, letting him read some of your drivel as proof. Yet times are tough here and I have to look out for myself now that the simpleton human I allow to live here has gone and let himself be defeated in this election.

So I'll make you a deal. As long as you send me three pounds of USDA Prime ground round by this Friday, I won't tell Doofus FDR that you are even stupider than he is. And as long as three more pounds of same arrive here for me each and every Friday from now on I'll continue to refrain from telling him.

Send it to me at 700 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington DC. THe human here doesn't like me to give out the apsartment number, but you can leave the package in my name with any of the doormen and they'll get it to me.

Now don't prove my point about your lack of smarts by claiming that you can't find my building. The photo on your blog shows that you recently were just aropund the corner. If Doofus FDR can find his way to 1600 Pennsylvania, you can find your way back here with or without the help of the human you call your daddy.

Fala XIX

Obama Mutt Search Committee said...

Dear Tom E. Ray

Your application to be the new White House dog has been received. Your documentation as to your mutt status seems to be in order. However, in order for your application to be further considered we require additional information on the ESQUIRE LANE SHELTER which does not appear in our directory. Please forward this information to the Obama Mutt Search Committee by DECEMBER 4 and refer to your assigned file number, cocapoo014619.

Obama Mutt Search Committee

Anonymous said...


big brother said...

I am VERY dissapointed that you have filed a request to be the new White House dog! What, your life in McLean isn't good enough for you? Without me around, are you getting a lack of yip-yaps, belly-rubs, and games of ruff bowling? If so, let me know and I will speak to your human parents about taking better care of you.

PS, don't be tricked by this "fala xix" dog that is blackmailing you into sending him food.. blackmail is against the law, I believe. And it is not right how he insulted your mother Cherokee.