Wednesday, December 23, 2009

H1N1 -- Be sure you get vaccinated

This poor guy got the swine flu, cause he has a negligent owner who would not get him vaccinated.

I recommend all you dogs out there to have yourselves get the vaccine. Now is no time to be taking a chance. At first my daddy didn't want to do it. He scoffed at the idea. But then I showed him this article and now he made an appointment with my vet. DON'T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. We could be looking at a major can-demic.


big brother said...

Little Tommy,
This article refers to the dog as a "mixed breed", not "diverse breed." I think the author of this article is has breedist tendencies. You should write a complaint letter to this newspaper about the snobbery of this author.

Tommy said...

I agree, not the most sensitive term. But honestly, I've heard worse, terms I care not to repeat.