Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obamas head to Hawaii . . .

What a lovely family. Only something seems to be missing. What could it be? Hmmm . . . Oh, I know, it's their poor dog, Bo. The Obamas have the world at their fingertips, could take their doggie anywhere. But choose to leave him behind. What kind of monsterous family has Bo been adopted into?


Malia said...

Tommy, it's so dull here in Hawaii without Bo. I begged mommy and daddy to bring Bo. Daddy said 'NO', it was to be a special trip with JUST THE FAMILY' like Bo is some kind of outsider dumb animal. I WANT BO and I know daddy keeps up with your blog so maybe he'll read this and have Bo sent out to us.

POTUS said...

I've been an admirer of you and a frequent reader of your blog. Your rise from humble origins to high-profile canine blogger has provided an inspiration to so many disadvantaged people and dogs worldwide. While I have not always been the beneficiary of your biting commentary, I respect your views, and they have forced me to reflect on my own positions.

Now however, I submit that you have crossed the line with this blog. Hawaii was intended to be a private family gathering where just the four of us could spend quality time together. Because I spend so much time away now, I wanted this to be a special week, without the distractions of staff and dogs. Your posting has reopened a wound between Malia and me. I wish you had kept your thoughts to yourself.