Monday, January 4, 2010

My Kong Runneth Over

My big brother is home again Don't know when he has to go back to his farm, but for the time being, I've been luxuriating in all the attention. Sometimes it's great to be a cockapoo.


big brother said...

When is it not great to be a cockapoo? You sleep 20 hours a day, get taken for 2 walks, and get an evening surprise almost every night. And I would appreciate if you didn't hop up on this chair when I sit down, because you take up a lot of room.

big brother said...

Tommy, that's it.. the next time I catch you trying to blog on my computer while I'm sleeping, I wont allow you to ever come in here again. You will have to take your morning snoozes elsewhere if you don't behave. My computer is relatively new, and that last thing I need is dog slobber on it.

Tommy said...

but, but, but, you sleep so late and you lock me in with you and I get bored. What am I supposed to do? So I blog a little on your computer while you sleep. I won't slobber, I promise. And I don't shed.