Monday, January 4, 2010

Obamas in Hawaii

Here they are in Hawaii, sans Bo. Obama tries to keep up appearances, looking happy and confident, all the while there is apparently great discord within the family.


big brother said...

I knew something looked a bit strange in this picture.

tommy said...

To my dear and faithful blog-reading audience, particularly my human mother,
I, Tommy the Dog, would like to make something clear to all of you. My brother takes me for the best walks, and he is also the nicest human in my family. He also has the most comfortable bed, and I would sleep there every night were it not for my hypocritcal human mother. You see, she's nice and all, but I can't figure out if she really likes me or not. I remember all the mean things she used to say to me, and how she would call me the "M" word all the time. But now she claims that she really loves me. Well, human mother, if you love me so much, then why can't I bring a toy with me on your bed at night? Big brother lets me. I get lonely at night, and I like having my deer or frog with me on the bed. So I sometimes hop up on your bed with one or the other, and you falsely accuse my big brother for doing it, which is very mean. He would never do such a thing. So, human mother, I have a non-negotiable proposition to make; if you want me on your bed on your specified nights with me, I insist to be allowed to bring one toy of my choosing up with me. If you don't agree to this, then my big brother has a right to dog-nap me whenever he pleases, because he is simply looking out for me, as he knows that I am a sad pooch when you throw the toys I bring onto your bed to the floor. My big brother is the best friend a little dog could ever have, and I think everyone should strive to emulate him.

Tommmy Cockapoo

P.S.- Daddy, I know what you are thinking, and it is not true. I am writing this, not my big brother forging it in my name. My big brother is sleeping right now, which he does most of the day. I think you should put him to work. He is getting very lazy.

big brother said...

I in no way endorse or take responsibility for what Tommy just wrote. I support a "no-toy" rule on his mother's bed, and Tommy shouldn't be calling his mother out on that. And Tommy deliberately disobeyed me by using my computer to blog earlier, and he will be punished accordingly.

Anonymous said...


I realize this is off topic, but I am shocked that you have failed to comment on the Nevada woman who barbequed her cocapoo and ate him and the fact that she isn't even being charged with a crime. Maybe we should call you a cookapoo?