Tuesday, March 30, 2010

US Census: a Symbol of Canine Oppression

I'm just blown away by the 2010 US Census. I posted the first page of the form to the left and if you enlarge the image, you will see the number of times the words 'person' and 'people' are mentioned in yellow (approximately 16 times). I also highlighted the words 'dog' and 'canine' in bright red (exactly 0 times). You read that right; humans 16, dogs 0. We are not counted at all, not even three fifths of a human. There is some irony, if one is able to find humor in overt neglect. You are instructed to "Count all people . . . who live and sleep here most of the time." I mean, come on, who sleeps in the house more than I do?

I implore all you humans out there to record your dogs into the form so we are counted too. I know my daddy counted me.

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big brother said...

Little Tommy,
First of all, I will give it to you that you sleep quite a bit in the house. However, I think you have a long road ahead of you if you wish to ease the opression on canines. For one, the last time I checked, canines CANNOT hold US citizenship. That would explain why the US gov't is abstaining from counting the canine population of America. So if I were you, I would lobby the US gov't to get each canine (at least) up to 3/5 of a citizen of the US. Then they might change these census forms.