Monday, December 27, 2010

President Obama, Dog Hater in Chief

"The president said, 'So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance.' He was ... passionate about it."

link: Obama happy Vick's back

So, he was so passionate about this, huh? But he didn't seem very passionate about those poor animals. It's well known among my kind that Obama hates us. He didn't want to get Bo and only did because he had to and it's a good thing Bo has those girls cause if not, no one would pay attention to him. Here's just more proof. Obama is so compassionate for 'poor' Michael Vick, but he failed to mention the victims.

Look, I forgave Michael Vick, and I took some heat in the canine blogosphere as a result (see this post: Tommy forgives Vick). But this Obama is so quick to forgive and doesn't mention and obviously doesn't give a hoot about the dogs.


President Obama said...

I'm deeply hurt by your blog post. The dogs of this country should know that they have no greater friend than myself. No doubt about it, I inherited a mess in the canine community. But you, of all dogs, should realize that things are getting better. I challenge you to name a single promise I made to the dogs during my campaign that I haven't already accomplished or tried very hard to work out only to be blocked by the Republicans.

big brother said...

You should call him out on his last challenge. I can't think of even one instance that he has dealt up a canine concern. So he obviously couldn't have broken any promises that he didn't make in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Obama,or any other President, was not elected "to give a hoot about the dogs". Dogs are not citizens; that is restricted to human beings! A President's job is to solve America's problems; not use the United States to play Santa Claus, social worker, welfare office, free grocery store, free gun shop to an ungrateful, anti-American planet. Or to use america's soldiers as mercenaries to do other peoples' fighting for them. And it most certainly is not to worry about mutts!. What the president might do, if he is really a good liberal, is show some concern for the environment and try to do something about the tsunami of dog feces and urine entering America's lakes, rivers, streams, oceans from America's dirty, ,useless mutts! Because their filthy owners let them roam loose, and refuse to clean up after them. This society devotes far too much money, time, resources to these useless, fat, lazy, noisy, barking, biting, killing, maiming feces and urine factories. Few serve any real purpose in society; they are best compared to India's sacred cows, or sacred temple rats. The dogs on this planet use up reources that are badly needed by people. I'm not saying they should be abised; the less dogs on this earth, the fewer will be abused. That football hero already went to jail; let obama worry about the problems of human beings. They, not dogs, were stupid enough to vote for him; and may repeat their mistake next week.