Friday, September 16, 2011

What would Martin say?

At long last!  A memorial to one of my heroes, Martin Luther King.  Martin and I have been notable champions for the down-trodden, African- and Canine-Americans, respectively.  And we are both very non-violent.  Well you can imagine my excitement when Daddy told me his new memorial has opened and he was going to take me sight-peeing!  But anticipation turned to bitter irony when I was confronted with the dreaded sign (see accompanying photo). No, no, I don't mean the part about the 'no food or drink.'  I may like my food, but I can go for a while without it.  I'm referring to the line about 'NO pets.'  Isn't this EXACTLY the kind of cruel exclusion that Martin fought so hard against down in the south?  Too bad Martin's not with us anymore to correct the evil wrongs of society (yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I did check, and in fact someone gunned him down).  It's an outrage that those who built the exhibit only wanted to feel important and never truly grasped Martin's teachings.

I really was disappointed.  I went to so much trouble to get my fur cut for the occasion.  Look, you can see I still have my bandana on.  But then the head guard recognized me and all.  He said he read my blog and was a big admirer.  So he said he would make this one exception and let me in.  I guess that was OK for what was worth, but what about all the other dogs who want to see the exhibit?  What about their rights?  It looks like it is up to me to carry on Martin's work.

In the end, I did see it and it was real good and if I find the time I'll blog more about it later.

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