Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ahhh, Sight Peeing Again

OK everybody. I was out sight peeing again last weekend and what an adventure it was. Everyone was petting me and no one tried to bully me.

Who can guess where I am? I've got nicely worked-in rawhide chew bone for the first person who can identify this famous spot.

Answer in my next post!


your smart big brother said...

hmmmm let me guess.. I am guessing that you are on the banks of the Potomac River!

Tommy said...

Dear 'smart' big brother,

Yes . . . but . . . I am at a famous location on the 'banks of the Potomac River'. You better guess again if you want that tasty, partially chewed chew bone.

big brother said...

Why would I want a "partically chewed chew bone", that was probably slobered on by you for half an hour in the backyard?

Tommy said...

You might be a great brother, but those "My Friends" are sour grapes. Just admit you don't know and you will find out in my next blog.