Friday, October 17, 2008

Where Was I?

Here I am, at George Washington's house. That's where I was. I was so excited when we got out of the car and I saw where we would walk that my bowels almost exploded.

This George Washington fellow was a rich guy and he got this nice house. You can see that he kept it up real good. He had so much money that he decided to build a big city just up the river from his house. And being a smart guy, naturally he wanted to build a great college in his new city, so other people could be smart too. They named both after him, Washington, DC and George Washington University. And everyone was so grateful for the good work he did that they made him president of the US.

Sorry, nobody won the chew bone. The photo of me in George's back yard was a tough one, I admit. I guess I will have to continue enjoying that chew bone myself.


disgusted big brother said...

Tommy, get your facts straight. Only in 3rd World dictatorships do living people get cities and schools named after them. Both the city and the school were named AFTER him, after he died, not named by him.

big brother said...

But, Tommy, thanks for the history lesson anyways.