Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What a whirlwind of history my family has been taking me through over the past few months. Here I am on the famous Chancellorsville battlefield, where a long time ago a lot of people fought with guns and cannons. So Tommy, what was the battle all about, you ask? I got a tour from a nice park ranger and learned all about it. You see, back in the nineteenth century, the people of the south part of the US held all dogs as slaves, and even some people too. And the people of the north didn't think that was right. So they had a war, called the Civil War and they fought some of it right here. The mean people from the south, who held all dogs as slaves and even some people did real good here at Chancellorsville and a lot of other battles. But you know how the south did it? They cheated. They did it with sneak attacks, like here at Chancellorsville, they didn't just come out and fight, but snuck around lots of bushes and trees and attacked the rookie guys on the right who weren't expecting it, rather than come after the real men of the north in the middle. And the north had this courageous general named Fighting Joe who wanted badly to get at those slave-holding people of the south but he never knew where they were so he didn't get the chance. But that was OK, because he brought his girls with him so it wasn't a total waste of his time.

And the south had this secret weapon, a big stone wall they would cart from battle to battle and the north couldn't get past it. But right here at Chancellorsville, the south soldiers, who weren't too bright, smashed up their own stone wall during this battle and there's just this little bit of it left you can see here and they left it here on the battlefield as a rememberence. It's so tiny now that no one would have any trouble just going right around it.

Well, even in spite of what happened here and a lot of the other battles, the north won and all the dogs and the people were freed once and for all.


big brother said...

Oh, what a silly pooch you are Tommy. I don't even know where to start. You seem to be on the right path with your history, most of the time, but sometimes you veer off to the side in the wrong direction.
So, that "Stone Wall" you talk about, it's really a nickname of a person, a general for the South(I guess if I was a mixed-breed canine I would be confused, too, so I wont get angry at you for that mistake.) And you have to stop day-dreaming about your kongs on these fascinating tours your parents take you on. I'm almost positive the tour guide did not say that the South enslaved dogs, so you must have been in some lala land and told yourself that story. Maybe you should consult your father on the history you put in your blog, just so your blog is presentable for educated humans/dogs world wide.

big brother said...

but it is a very nice picture of you in front of that big cannon. You look very handsome in your winter coat. Just be careful where you walk and sniff though, as prancing in front of big weapons like that one is dangerous for a little cockapoo. It is so big that you could fit inside the barrel.

Tommy said...

Dear ex-big-brother,

Are you implying that so-called 'mixed-breed canines' are more apt to be 'confused'? First of all, we prefer to called 'diverse-breed'. And second, that's breedest thinking of the worst kind, exactly why that civil war had to be fought.

hmmm said...

huh? what did you call me? "ex" big brother?