Friday, January 7, 2011

Militant Threat

This was a terrible tragedy. Read about it here:

Mt. Vernon Man Hospitalized after Brutal Dog Attack

I want to be very clear that I condemn this violent, militant attack. Unfortunately, this fringe group, Woof-Qaeda, has hijacked the law-abiding canine rights movement to justify their own brutal and criminal behavior.

On the other hand, our government must, on some level, be held partly responsible. Their repressive policies -- requiring us to wear tags, preventing us from so many public facilities, and stringent leash laws, to name a few -- are the best recruiting tools in Woof-Qaeda's arsenal. You just know that Woof-Qaeda is out there planning more attacks. We need change now!


big brother said...


Woof-Qaeda must be kept in check some how. They are terrorizing the canine and human communities. I am sure the government will try to cover up this story so as to not expose the truth of this brutal terrorist organization. but responsible citizens (and dogs) must be made aware of the threat that Woof Qaeda poses to the country.

Tommy said...

Big brother -- you have unwittingly gotten to the root of the problem. You distinguish between 'citizens [and dogs]', as if the two are mutually exclusive. Though I despise their methods, Woof-Qaeda and I agree on this much: the nation can't forever deny basic citizenship to the entire Canine-American population.

big brother said...

If we give citizenship to the entire Canine-American population, then what if that population then exceeds, let's say, 80 million? That would probably be enough votes to elect a dog as the president of this country. While this may not be so terrible as it seems, think about the economic consequences that will occur: with a dog running the government, the meat industry will most surely get subsidized 100% in order to get more steak on everyone's table, while the poor fruit and vegetable (and chocolate) producers would go out of business.

Anonymous said...

Why no rant on the mass murder of over 100 sled dogs in vancouver?