Monday, February 28, 2011

When Man's Best Friend Is Obese

Anyone who knows me knows I love my food, like steak and hamburger and bologna and ice cream and chicken and turkey and cheese and Grammy's Pot Pie from the can. But I always make sure to eat sensibly and not beg for too much. That's why I took note when I read this article in the Wall Street Journal. Obesity in dogs is a major problem and costs this country in excess of $17 trillion per year, according to a recent study by the Canine Institute.

That's why I support a national canine nutrition bill to enact new standards for dog food nutrition, allocate federal funds to subsidize healthy pet living (like treadmills, for instance), and levy still penalties for owners who overfeed their dogs. Please join me in my crusade.

Peace out,


big brother said...

Can you send me the link to the WSJ article? I just read something on David Friedman's blog that warns us to be skeptical about the things we read, for we don't know whether they are true or false. I'm sure you're not lying, but I would still like to look at your source, just to make sure that what you're telling me is true.
Also- you might want to reconsider the subsidy. I hear they don't work out as well as planned.

Tommy said...

Hey big brother,
The title of the blog post is itself a link to this important research article:
I'm glad you are interested in the subject, and no, I'm not lying. Obesity in dogs is a HUGE problem that I want to draw attention to. I'm sorry to see that up there on that farm in the great white north you have grown so cynical. The subsidy is important. Our government has a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable -- and who, I might ask is more vulnerable than the dogs, who can't even relieve themselves without their owners permission. Or if they do have to go real bad and there is no one take them out and happen to have an accident, their mommies yell at them and kick them off the beds and don't give them any evening surprise. Whose more deserving of compassion than those poor animals? I bet you see it my way, now.

Anonymous said...

Just another democrat. pay no taxes. want a sibsidy.

Tommy said...

dear anonymous, you obviously do not belong to the pee party, cause they want to help the dogs and they would support the subsidy to fight canine obesity.

SXS said...

I've been trying to lose the extra pound I've been carrying around my mid-section for months -- which, by the way, is approximately 12.5% of my current weight. I've tried everything -- running around the house, skipping meals, jumping on furnitures, etc. But NOTHING is helping me shed that extra pound... I need help...a subsidy, I'm sure would greatly help, and it would reduce my health care costs down the road, and probably even save the government $$$!