Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Capital Punishment -- Warranted?

Those who know me can attest that I'm a friendly, peaceful cockapoo, and not a dog who seeks vengeance.  I like to lead a gentle life and try to think well of others.  But then I read this news article:

Barrington Panel Votes to Euthanize 'Vicious' East Providence Dog

Barrington police held a vicious-dog hearing Monday morning after a boxer/pitbull [diverse-breed dog] registered to an East Providence owner maimed a cockapoo and its owner last July. . .

The attack on the cockapoo . . . came within four doors of her home . . . Smith said she was walking her 11-year-old dog,  . . . when the boxer/pitbull jumped through the open window of an SUV and attacked them. . . .The boxer jumped and snapped at them and managed to bite into the cockapoo’s legs and pull them to the ground.
The boxer pulled so hard that the cockapoo’s legs were pulled out of the hip joints and the bite marks penetrated to the bone.
I'm glad they caught this dog and put him in jail where he belongs -- pictured above in his cell.  The description of the attack is so awful that I am rethinking my position on capital punishment.  I support it for animals like this.  What do you think?

Do you think they give him a 'last meal' before execution, with any food he wants?  Hmm.



big brother said...

I understand your outrage since it was a cockapoo who was murdered here. But let me remind you of a curious fact.. had it been a human who had murdered the cockapoo, the human would only get a few-year prison sentence at most. But when a dog is a murderer, it gets the death penalty? This seems like a violation of the rule of law.. canines and humans are not treated equally in the eyes of the law. If a dog kills a man, the dog will be put to death, but the reverse scenario is not true.

Tommy said...

Big Brother, you are definitely right about that. Dogs and people are not treated equal in this country, the 14th amendment notwithstanding. I do believe that we are ready for a Supreme Court challenge should a suitable wronged canine party be identified. Big Brother, up there in that big college, if you should decide to pursue a career in the law, you could be our Thurgood Marshall.