Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun new game

Anyone who knows me knows I'm the kind of doggie who likes to play games, all sorts, like ghost doggie, hide and go sniff, ruff bowling, and chase me.  Now we have this new game my daddy and I like to play:  Crate Carnage.  See, the idea is for daddy to put me in my crate for a specified period and I get to sack the crate and anything I can get my paws on.  WOW, what a workout and I've been doing so good that daddy has been giving me a lot of turkey.  There is one downside to the game.  While in my crate, I am unable to blog, which is why you heard so little from me over the past couple of weeks.

At first I wasn't familiar with the game and just started slow, like dragging a towel, which was conveniently placed on top of the crate, inside and shredding it.  But then daddy made the game harder and didn't leave any towels on top.  It wasn't much fun until I got my paws onto that rug under the crate and pulled and pulled until I dragged it in through the bars and went all cockapoo on it.  That was quite a feat, let me tell you, because all my 20 pounds of force were exerted onto the rug.  Daddy didn't think I could do it, but he was so impressed by me that he took photos.  You can see one below.

Well, daddy keeps trying to challenge me.  "Meliora" he says to me, which translates to "Ever higher" and I was up to the challenge.  He took away towels on top of the crate and rugs under the crate.  I had to use all my brain power to think of some way to win the game.  And there it was, under my paws all this time:  the crate pan, itself.  You can see below how well I played the game, and all in only one day!

I want to play some more, but here they went and did it and left me out of my crate today.  Maybe tomorrow.


big brother said...

Dear little Tommy,

If you are able to achieve all of that, why aren't you able to just position your paw in such an angle and in the right spot that you unlock the crate? All it would take is a little force up and then sideways. I bet you can figure it out.

Tommy said...

Hmm, big brother, maybe you are on to something there! UP then SIDEWAYS, huh? Maybe I'll give it a try next time, then I can unleash the carnage beyond the crate. Won't daddy be proud of me.