Friday, December 2, 2011


I couldn’t help but notice this heartwarming tail of puppies doing what comes naturally, helping humans, in this case, law students.

“For high-strung law students, dogs . . . can also provide a soothing presence . . . At George Mason’s law school, which has more than 700 students, dozens took a break Thursday from their immersion in contracts, torts, criminal law and the like and gathered for more than two hours in the school’s atrium to play with the puppies.”

And we love helping our human friends and we do it in so many ways.  That’s why it is so inconceivable to me how our cries for justice go unheeded by the human leaders.  Where is there progress on the Universal Pet Health Care bill?  Or Affordable Doggie Day Care?  Or Bologna Stamps for dogs whose owners cannot afford to buy them tasty human snacks?  We’ve been demanding these measures for too long now and have barely made a RUFF in protest, all the while continuing to work. 

Since our woofing hasn’t helped, we will need to step up methods.  That’s why I am calling for a nation-wide Canine Day of Inaction.  On December 7, there will be no cuddling with law students, no therapy dogs in hospital, no fetching, no bomb sniffing, no drug sniffing, no guiding the blind, and definitely NO TAIL WAGS!  We'll just how well the human population prospers without us.

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