Thursday, December 8, 2011


My Nation-wide Canine Day of Inaction was a big success.  Dogs all across the country joined me to call for Universal Pet Health Care, Affordable Doggie Day Care, and distribution of Bologna Stamps, all to be paid for by a big tax on the Fat Cats.

Yesterday, from the time my daddy left until the time my mommy came home, I exercised complete inaction, not helping humans in any way, not even posting to my blog, which I understand many humans derive great benefit from.  I got many e-mails from around the country that guard dogs refused to guard, attack dogs refused to attack, watch dogs refused to watch, sniffer dogs refused to sniff, retriever dogs refused to retrieve and ALL dogs refused to wag their tails.  The poor humans were near helpless without us.  A special nod goes out to Bo Obama who refused to give face licks to Sasha and Malia.  That will sure get the president's attention.

Just one quick example of the plight of us poor dogs.  You know, I'd love to go to doggie day care.  It would be great for my cognitive development and make me a much more productive canine citizen.  I begged my daddy, but he told me it was too expensive; that one day of doggie day care costs more than two weeks of even high-end dog food like Grammy's Pot Pie.  Where is our government?  Why aren't they helping us with subsidies?  Well, our fight is just starting.  If things don't happen soon, we will be having Nation-wide Canine Days of Inaction more and more often.

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big brother said...

Dear little Tommy,

I have something bad to report to you.. I am afraid up here in Rochester we had a case of a scab who betrayed your Day of Inaction. You see, one of the math professors has a black dog (it looks like a poodle, but much bigger than you) and plays fetch with this dog out side the math building almost every day. This dog is quite good at fetch (the owner throws the ball or frisbee and the poodle chases and gets it, and then when he brings it back to his owner he lets out 2 woofs!) And I remember perfectly that on this Day of Inaction this dog broke two of your strike rules.. namely, he fetched and he wagged his tail, and he woofed a lot. He must be a 1% dog who doesn't sympathize with your cause.